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Career Journeys: A Video Series

Marcy Cameron – Historical Planner

Oscar Saucedo-Andrade – Transportation Planner

Why a video journey library?

Knowing a career before having a career is tricky.  What if you’re not the right fit?  How can you guarantee that those four plus years of school will end in your dream job?  Studying and application are still two entirely separate worlds in the education system.  What you enjoy studying might not be what you enjoy doing, and a lot of hard work can end up leading you down the wrong path.  

So, how do you make the right career decision?  Well, to be honest, there is no right decision, and there are no guarantees.  But there are resources you can use to get you closer to understanding what you want in your future.  

The Indigo Impact Initiative is starting a free series of career videos that detail career paths and destinations, along with the challenges and benefits of those careers.  Students can take our Indigo Assessment and compare their results to the results of the professionals, using these career videos.  One job might require a steady person, while another job might need a competitive person; every job varies in their needs.  Once a student understands themselves, they can understand where they thrive in a professional environment.  Take a look below to see an example of our career videos!

Christin Myrick Shepherd – Civil Engineer

Mark Woempner – Senior Project Manager



More Videos:


Lauren Peterson is the lead videographer for this project.  Watch her story above.  


Scott Doniger – Business Communications 

Torrey Adair – Structural Engineer 

Jason Sebo – Project Accountant

Scott Kalish – Theater Manager

Scott Smith – Entrepreneur

Jess – Clinical Dietitian 

Marc Ringel  – Family Doctor

Ted Romero – Personal Trainer

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