Course FAQs

FAQs About the Online Course

Q. How does IndigoActivate help college freshmen?

This self-directed online course is designed to be integrated into a University Freshman Workplace Readiness program.  The objective is simple: “Know yourself. Know where you’re going. Know how to get there.” The course is broken into 15 learning modules. The course is not timed, so it can be paused and restarted.  During the course, responses are collected, and a personalized website is built, which the student can use (or even edit) over time. The web site provides a menu of key steps freshmen can take to achieve professional and academic goals. 

Q. How do students use their new personalized websites?

The student can share the contents of their website with others, such as prospective employers, collaborators, or teachers. The personalized website summarizes commitments students make to themselves for pursuing their goals. 



Q. How long is each module?

Each module is between 30 and 45 minutes long (though the pace of the student may be longer or shorter). There is no time constraint for how long to take, yet most sections require a minimum view time or set of responses.

Q. Are there resume-building tools with the personalized website?

 There is an extensive link to resources on the personal website (each personalized website links to our student resources page:

Q. How does IndigoActivate Discover help high school students?

This five-module version of the course is available for high school students. It assists in the interpretation of the Indigo Assessment Report and provides students a framework to begin the journey of self-awareness in preparing for post-secondary opportunities, whether heading off to college, entering job training or planning to enter the job market.

Q. What are the goals of the course for high school and college students?

Know themselves (understand their personalities, behaviors, motivators, and skills).

Know where they’re going (how do those attributes help identify careers or paths forward?).

Know how to get there (how does the student get started, who do they contact, what do they ask, what can they do today and tomorrow.)

Q. Do students get a certificate of completion?





Q. Do students get high school or college credit?

Not at this time.

Q. Is this a course to be taken without a classroom or teacher?

It can be taken independent of a facilitator or teacher, or it can be integrated into a program that includes a mentor or teacher.

Q. Can students ask questions or is the course totally self-directed?

There is currently no ability to ask questions online during the course or get feedback.  That would be one role of a teacher or mentor, if implemented in that way.

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