Education Programs

Education Programs

I3’s goal is for parents, students, educators and community leaders to learn and problem solve together. Using their unique education programs focused on leadership and entrepreneurship, students will gain a greater understanding of who they are while community leaders will set the stage for change. Not only will this help students identify their core values, but it will celebrate who the student is and how they can contribute to their hometowns.  

Self-awareness and career Readiness

Despite finding a fulfilling career being the ultimate purpose of getting a great education, we do not equip students with the information they need to make great decisions about their future.  Indigo believes that self-awareness is the fundamental building block of all success so with the generous support of the TW Lewis Foundation we are able to offer this course to students across the country.

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Rather than feeling limited by the standard of education, students in I3’s communities are inspired through entrepreneurial education. Using technology as a platform, students engage in new skills and are encouraged to problem solve and develop new ideas that could change their community forever.

I3’s programs also focus on “soft-skill” development, such as teamwork, empathy and social-emotional wellness. While learning the technical skills creates job opportunities, the “soft-skills” will create future leaders and model citizens of tomorrow. 


I3’s Leadership Training programs are derived from sophisticated corporate HR tools to help leaders increase teamwork and better understand how to aid students. Communities can use the leadership training to help understand innovation gaps, compare leadership data to student data and how to align student’s abilities with goals.


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