Gwen Anderson

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Gwen Anderson’s background is a rich tapestry of international training, consulting, business and entrepreneurial endeavors, higher education administration, multicultural and fine art education.  As a trainer/consultant, she worked with hundreds of businesses, government agencies, non-profit, medical and educational institutions. She addressed over 75,000 support staff, middle and top management throughout major cities in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. An enthusiastic, dynamic independent contractor, she developed curricula, marketed and presented a myriad of high impact programs focusing on workforce development, breakthrough business concepts, personal, academic and basic skills and international training. She utilizes educational foundations like “The Brain’s Natural Learning Process” and “Transformative Learning” that accelerate adult learning and ensure a faster application of skills.  Originally from Hawaii, Gwen was the Training Manager for the Four Seasons in Kona. A former Utah Valley Trade Tech Art Department Director, Multicultural Center Director and now a Recruiter at UVU, Gwen is an artist, teacher, administrator and program developer. Gwen is qualified with a Master’s in education and brings a world-based background together with business talent, culture, passion and enthusiasm to a challenging leadership role.

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