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Our partnerships with these schools provide thought leadership on new curriculum and ideas that we pass on to schools in our community projects.  We are setting up peer programs where students in our lab schools are matched with students in community schools to learn from one another.  

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Peak to Peak High School, Lafayette, CO

P2P is consistently ranked among the top 100 public schools in US News Report.  While their focus is college prep, P2P is spending more and more time on social emotional learning and supporting the whole child and it pays off in dividends.  Parent engagement is at almost 100%. We are currently conducting research there with Yale and testing new technology platforms and tools for teachers. 

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Alba Community Day School, San Diego, CA

Alba is a small school for middle and high school kids who have been expelled or can’t cut it in traditional high schools.  Despite a constant influx of students moving in and out, the dedicated teachers and principal at Alba are engaging kids in passion projects, real world experiences and entrepreneurship through Real World Scholars.   These activities play to the strengths of these students where 95% of them are individuallistically motivated.  

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New Vista High School, Boulder, CO

New Vista welcomes and attracts students who want a nurturing, alive and choice filled community.  As a result many LGBTQ students choose NV, along with activists, and artists.  Specializing in it’s mixed grades classrooms and intimate advisory periods, NV is a warm place for all.  Their Social Justice curriculum and teachers are world class. We are learning so much from this Ashoka Changemaker School.  


Thrive Public Schools

Thrive is an award winning group of free public charter schools where kids become College-Prepared, Career-Inspired, and Community-Minded. Thrive is a free, public K-12 charter organization serving students from all over San Diego. 



Phoenix Coding Academy

This innovative specialty small school, focused on computer coding and multiple technology pathways through an inquiry-based instructional design, is one of the first public high schools of its kind.

BV Caps biotech

Blue Valley CAPS

The Center for Advanced Professional Studies represents the collaboration of education, business and community, providing students with a unique, immersive experience, resulting in highly skilled, adaptable, global innovators and leaders.

The teachers, students and administrators at our lab schools inspire me to think differently, to keep learning, and to be a better human being.
— Sheri Smith, Founder
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