Our Vision – duplicate

Our Vision

We believe the significant challenges in communities can’t be solved by one organization alone.  The key is collaboration.  Most collaborative impact organizations start with the problems first and the people second.  We flip this by first identifying and empowering the group of people that can solve the problem together.  

When everyone in a community deeply knows themselves, their strengths, and how to collaborate with one another, change happens.


We focus on education as a central rallying point to drive change in communities. There is a tremendous amount of untapped potential among our youth, our teachers, and our parents. If we can transform our schools to empower and engage the community, a powerful ripple effect begins.  Better schools mean a better future, a stronger local economy, a higher quality of life.

The Indigo Impact Initiative is part of a bigger vision emerging in the world that many believe is necessary for the evolution of our society. This involves changing our social contract from “us vs. them” to interconnectedness. The simple idea that when we all win, we individually win.  

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”   – Nelson Mandela   

Students participating in an Indigo workshop expressing their strengths.  

Students participating in an Indigo workshop expressing their strengths.  

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Empowering Educational Systems

Our current factory model of one-sized-fits-all education is broken.  Everyone agrees on this fact and yet, we still fight about which “new” model is best.  III believes that because people are so different, we must have many models and education must eventually be self directed by the students and parents themselves to meet unique needs of individuals and communities.  

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Diversifying the Meaning of Success

60% of millennials believe that the American Dream is no longer possible.  That is because the American Dream is measuring only a narrow definition of success.  Success must be defined by each individual according to their aspirations and purpose.  That is why each community we engage in has very different visions of success and ways to achieve that success.  III wants to tell the stories of their successes and help to diversify this idea in the minds of youth and communities across the country.  

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EdCorps- new anD needed role in Education

As we work deeply with schools and districts across the country. The #1 need we see time and time again is for entrepreneurial minded leadership in schools who’s entire role is promoting, collaborating and driving changes that the school’s community has decided they want to pursue.  New VFA or TFA…etc.  

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