Paula DeJoshua


Paula DeJoshua was raised in Idaho and spent 26 years in Seattle prior to coming to Blanding, Utah where she started working on the Navajo Reservation as a school teacher. She was on the Technology team, but her favorite subject to teach was Adult Roles and Responsibilities. Throughout her 17 years of teaching in Montezuma Creek, UT, Paula taught online courses for the State of Utah, teaching Teen Living and Adult Roles and Responsibilities. She also went back to school to License in teaching Family and Consumer Sciences. She was an adjunct professor at USU/E, teaching business courses, where she wrote two books and several modules for the national company, Hearlihy and Company. After retiring from teaching high school, she still did some online teaching, worked for a Trio Grant from the government called Educational Opportunity Centers and also owned, operated and was the sole artist in her art gallery in Old Town, Scottsdale, AZ.  She have 5 children, plus their 3 spouses and 17 grandchildren.  Paula designed and built her home herself (including hard labor of mixing cement, pounding in rebar, etc.) and is passionate about traveling the world.

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