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Coders, coffee, college and career pathways converging in Arizona. 



Phoenix, AZ
Tucson, AZ

Civic engagement Leaders


Impact Goal

Create low cost post-secondary options and soft skill development for Phoenix and Tucson youth.

Regional Needs

Funding Partners for a wide variety of projects to get these collaborative impact projects moving more quickly.   Immediate needs are to fund Tucson JTED soft skills program (2,000 students), Phoenix Coding Academy curriculum development, and funding to scale an engineering-based emotional intelligence program.   

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We’ve done a lot of work in Phoenix through the Indigo Education Company and collaborative impact work is at large in the community already.  However, as we’ve met more and more amazing educators and community leaders a need for III to focus here has become apparent.  We see a very interesting mix in Phoenix for skilled tech workers and skilled vocational workers.  By the year 2025 Arizona will have 300,000 job opening in skilled vocational trades, especially in areas that serve their aging population, however, no one trained to fill them.  Since we like interesting mixes, we decided to bring together folks in both the vo-tech and high-tech spaces and see what happens.  

Coming soon…


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