The Navajo Nation

Nestled in Southeastern Utah, among the national monuments and parks is part of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo people are passionate, strong and full of life, despite economic growth being a constant challenge. Initiated by Greg Jackson of the San Juan Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation through the “San Juan United” Rural Impact Project, I3 is collaborating with schools across the county to implement long term, sustainable solutions for prosperity. I3 will work directly with Navajo students to retell the Native American Story from their perspective, create new educational models, and forge local career pathways.

A New Realm of Possibility

For young people in San Juan County, being able to live, work, and raise their families in the community is the most important part of daily life. The San Juan Foundation and Indigo Impact Initiative have joined together to create local economic opportunities and inspire students to solve local problems through Indigo’s unique entrepreneurship education program.

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I3 began working with Whitehorse High School in 2016. Each year since, WHS has drastically improved and is no longer among the lowest-performing schools in the state.

Our Partner Organizations

San Juan School District

San Juan School District

SJSD is providing a location for students to explore new career options, learn about new forms of technology and gain the self-confidence needed to put these ideas into action.

San Juan Foundation

San Juan Foundation

Through providing funds and resources to students, the San Juan Foundation has been the force on the site, helping I3 complete goals and expand in the region.

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