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Our Ten Step Model


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Steps for engagement


Step 1: Begin

A community leader identifies the Indigo Impact Initiative as a catalyst to change they wish to see in their community and invites us to begin an engagement.  

Step 2: Recruit

Community groups who share a goal or need (non-profits, schools, churches, businesses, law enforcement, government agencies) organize to form a Collaborative Impact Group (CIG). 

Step 3: Diversify

Indigo assists the CIG in finding the different constituents that share the problem, interest, concern, or need.

Step 4: Commit

The CIG formally commits to know themselves, to know each other, to understand their community, and to come to a consensus on how they are going to define the problem, and how they are going to collectively solve it.  

Step 5: Provide Insight

Individuals in the CIG take the Indigo Inventory.  Indigo coaches explain the results to both the individuals and the collective through a series of experiential sessions.  

Step 6: Compile Data 

Indigo’s data analysts compile group data analytics, set up a cloud based platform, and provide access to appropriate community members.    

Step 7: Align

Based on the Indigo Inventory results and facilitated sessions, the CIG aligns on next steps, it’s definition of success, and what is needed in order to realize that success.  

Step 8: Create a Funding Profile 

The CIG creates a profile that Indigo takes to funding partners who are interested in achieving similar goals.  

Step 9: Scale

An Indigo Community Leadership Center is embedded in a school or college, enabling new participants to continually join the CIG and train new leadership. 

Step 10: Sustain

 Indigo provides personnel to the community for the initial two-three years of the project to fill stop-gap roles, coordinate players, raise-up new leaders, and facilitate communication. After this time, the CIG will continue to monitor their success and be able to maintain the project.

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