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Indigo Impact Initiative Helps Communities


Founder Sheri Smith believes that education needs to extend beyond the classroom and into the community at large. Indigo Impact Initiative (I3) inspires schools, businesses and communities to partner and collaborate together to create a better future for all. Here are some of our initiatives:




Connecting Communities to Resources

Once community leaders identify I3 as a catalyst for change, I3 helps to cultivate funding, specialists and open-source resources in key areas of need.

Bringing Businesses and Schools Together

I3 partners with community institutions and businesses to join together and bring about positive change.

Learn about the 10-step model formed within each community.


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Inspiring Future Entrepreneurs

I3 works to identify, recruit and train entrepreneurial minded students to plan and launch start-up businesses in their communities.

Learn more about I3’s entrepreneurship education

Stewarding Mentorships

By matching students with mentors within their community, I3 builds trust and alliances between leaders and students.

Learn more about I3’s vision to place students at the center of change


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Providing Leadership Training

I3 provides leadership training, as well as team and interpersonal skill development, in schools and communities by using the Indigo Assessment to help people understand themselves and each other. 

Learn more about I3’s education programs.

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