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Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen is an author and advocate whose work is aimed at changing the dialogue around education in America by supporting schools, districts, and individuals as they identify ways to support and enrich all students. She began as an elementary school teacher in New Jersey, and since then has devoted her career to transforming education systems in the US to better reflect what we know about human development and the science of learning. She has consulted with a variety of organizations, including the US Department of Education, Oxford University, the British Government, Stand for Children and Wend Ventures.

 Dr. Hansen is currently Associate Director of National Outreach and Community Building at Education Reimagined, where she is helping to build the learner-centered education movement. Her work focuses on connecting and empowering practitioners, learners and educational ecosystem players to build the supports needed to ensure schools meet the needs of all learners, especially those least served by the current system. Dr. Hansen holds a PhD from Oxford University and a JD from Harvard University, and is certified as an elementary and early childhood educator with a focus on special education.

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