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Lobaki and I3 are creating a network of technology experience centers that provide young people in at-risk communities with mentorship in technology and entrepreneurship.   


Watch the VRCenter in action!

  • Set up the very first Virtual Reality Experience Center in Clarksdale, Mississippi.
  • Hired and trained five local youth to be VR experience curators.
  • Created a student-designed VR experience: Fall Fear Fly Redemption that will be available for purchase August 23rd on STEAM
  • Developed a VR Curator program suitable for kids and adults meant to increase accessibility between VR users.
  • Secured seed capital from a leading regional wireless carrier.
  • Fitted out the first Virtual Reality Center with four of the latest VR stations.
  • Generated over $750 in revenue during the first day of operation.
  • Established partnerships with the local community college and high school, three local non-profits, 30 local mentors, city government and the Clarksdale Revitalization Initiative.
  • Identified tons of prospective clients who expressed an interest in either adopting VR technology or commissioning their first VR content.

This is a flagship effort to create the very first network of virtual reality content production studios for kids, by kids in rural cities across the country
— Eoghan Jennings, Co-Founder

This video is about the Indigo/Lobaki Impact Initiative to create a VR Center and Academy in Clarksdale, Mississippi to provide the youth there an opportunity unprecedented in their community and others around the country.

One of our first VR curators trying out the technology! 

One of our first VR curators trying out the technology! 

Our Goals

  • Create a recognized innovation ecosystem which enables students, educators, community leaders, industry partners and customers to grow and thrive in a technology environment
  • Build skills that will be in demand for the foreseeable future by guiding young people in leveraging software to enhance their inherent content creation ability.
  • Provide mentorship in technology for youth who would otherwise have very few opportunities to gain exposure to the latest equipment and tools.
  • Create employment opportunities in the latest high-growth technology area, by training youth to play an important role in the content creation industry.
  • Achieve financial sustainability by offering paid services to create VR content and applications, provide VR experiences to businesses and organizations in the region.
  • Establish for-profit companies when opportunities present themselves, led by our experienced team members, that will provide employment for local youth and investment back into Indigo Impact in order to sustain the education of our young people
  • Provide a marketable outlet for the creative energies of the young people in each community and create the next generation of local leadership
  • Increase empathy for the diversity of our country by creating VR stories about each unique community



Scaling – 3 Diverse Communities

Another one of our VR Curators enjoying the experience! 

Another one of our VR Curators enjoying the experience! 

Both San Juan, Utah (the Dine People (Navajo) and Niagara Falls, NY are currently raising funds to expand the VR Curator Network across the country. Clarksdale will continue to be the curriculum hub and help manage sales of student-created VR experiences that can help sustain the programs. 


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