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We Help Communities

Better prepare students to be functional members of society.

redefining the purpose of education 

The education system doesn’t prepare children to have an interest or an ability in participating in their society.  They have an interest and an ability to pursue their own ends and yet are not even taught how to do that.  They are missing both social and practical skills.  

 Great societies and communities are actually those how leverage the strengths of their individuals.  We believe the education system’s primary function is to recognize the intrinsic qualities of the individuals they are given.  Once these qualities are recognized educators can tailor that which they are teaching to “who” that individual is.  Not just academically but holistically.


Redefine success – the old paradigm of a “one-sized-fits-all” definition of success fails many in today’s world.

There are many pathways to success

Our current factory model of one-sized-fits-all education is broken.  Everyone agrees on this fact and yet, we still fight about which “new” model is best.  III believes that because people are so different, we must have many models and education must eventually be self directed by the students and parents themselves to meet unique needs of individuals and communities.

The rise of technology has only made the flaws in our education system more apparent.  Our “fixed fortification tactics” do not adapt either to those who are to be educated nor do they adapt to the challenges of today.   

Embracing the notion of skill, mastery and excellence. We support these things but they aren’t being accomplished by the mechanisms we are employing.  

Talk about schools as institutions but not connected.
Social media on the rise, with false connection giving away to real.  
Substance abuse, depression, suicide rates all increasing.   


Personalize students’ educational experience – often what is thought of as being “individualized” education is not “personalized” education.

It’s time to truly put kids at the center

Random notes:

Many of our solutions are still focused on extrinsic factors – things like 

People get strengh from actually solving problem..if problem you are trying to solve is how to get a piece of “paper” that is a means of validating themselves as a human being, you have misperceived their value, misunderstood their worth and misapplied and you’ve divorced them from reality and made them self focused.  

Pre-K – 20 is a continuum meant to prepare kids to be productive citizens of our world who hold meaningful work.  
The process should be seamless and hold the best interest of the individual learners in mind, empowering them to create their own educational pathways.  
Our ivory towers and special interests are 


Prepare students with the skills to address a broader range of real world problems  


School should not be bound by Four walls

Random Notes

Technology is being touted as the – divisive and isolating.   

mental health Talk about lonliness, isolation.  

Real solutions come out of relationship.  

The future will require continuous learning of all citizens so the idea of time bound educational institutions doesn’t serve our populace.
One sized fits all does not work and will never work, so having a myriad of choices to different learners is the ideal.  In this system, the choices should not be fighting for dollars or market share but simply to find their tribe.   

 Makes is so much easer to access information and tell stories but also much more noise.  
Glaring how far behind educational system is to meet needs of new world.
Maybe add a stat on coding.  
Technology unemployment is coming and the future belongs to the creators. 

Adapts to the challenge and arises from the strengths of its members.  

Self-awareness and empathy are the fundamental building blocks of great communities  

Not afraid of attacking something real 

Problems don’t get solved alone..talk Isolation, depression…


Develop students’ intra and interpersonal skills, critical factors in determining a student’s success in life.  

Random Notes:

Summary…How to leverage human networks and technology to bring about change in our communities. 

Agnostic to “employment” environment.  Problem is ignore the nature of the person who is getting education and not involving them in relationships in which they solve real problems.  

 Instead of providing a single bar of “excellence” that everyone hast to live up to.  Those strengths are not meant to be “equal” or the same.  Equity is not equality.  It is the appreciation and maximization of diversity, with may choices, may pathways..etc.  

We don’t have functional members of society.  We aren’t training them, building them, educating them, inspiring them, modeling them, providing for it.  We aren’t creating the raw materials of a good and successful society on any level.  

the pursuit of knowledge is not the application of knowledge.

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