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Redefine the meaning of success

The factory model of a one-sized-fits-all education no longer works.  Today the struggle is often over which “new” model is best.  We believe because people are so different, schools must embrace many new models, which is why education is evolving to become more self-directed.

While the rise of technology has often exposed the shortcomings in conventional education models, technology is also opening the door to new more personalized ways of teaching.  We support the demand for new skills, both technical and soft, which lead to new ways of looking at the concepts of skill, mastery and excellence.  

personalize their students’ educational experiences

Today, much of education is still focused on extrinsic factors – like standardized test scores and dropout rates. While these are important factors, if a student’s goal is simply to get “a piece of paper,” and that is how they are validating themselves, they will suffer in their perception of self-worth. Such students are less likely to gain the skills that will make them successful in life.

Developing an individualized path to achieve a hollow goal shortchanges students. That is a reason depression, apathy and suicide are on the rise in schools today. It’s a reason students graduate only to obtain jobs they dislike or find unfulfilling. Truly personalized education addresses the core values of the student. It not only helps a student to learn who they are, it celebrates the intrinsic value of who that student really is.

prepare students with skills to address a broader range of problems

More than ever, the future will require continuous learning, so the idea that learning only occurs in school no longer serves students well. We help schools to tap the resources within their community, not just for fund raising, but to inform and enrich what they are teaching.

Schools are finding they need to help students learn a wider variety of skills than ever before. Many schools are discovering their community is a rich source for discovering what skills are needed, and how students they can be acquired. This is true not only for technical and vocational skills, but for practical soft skills essential for working in an increasingly collaborative world.

Develop Intra and interpersonal skills

Soft skills are recognized by many as being the most critical for success, yet they are often neglected in schools. Ignoring soft skills not only diminishes a student’s ability to succeed in the future, it creates a less than optimal learning environment within schools themselves. Increases in feelings of depression and isolation, risings risks of suicide, and more problems with discipline are all indicators that our education system needs help with soft skills.

At Indigo we don’t just help educators see the value of soft skills, we facilitate exciting, dynamic programs that effectively teach soft skills to both teachers and students. Schools report they not only feel differently because of the work we do, their tradition metrics for success improve, too.

Indigo Impact Initiative is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Charity based out of Niwot, Colorado.


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