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Indigo Impact Initiative (~I3~) is a tax exempt charity based in Niwot, Colorado.  

In her work with schools, Sheri Smith, founder of the Indigo Education Company, was often asked by communities for help outside their school system. Sheri soon developed a passion for helping communities. She founded I3 as a way to help communities with the following services:

  1. Connecting communities with funding, open source resources, and specialists in key areas of need.

  2. Bringing businesses and schools together to find ways to unlock the latent potential of their students, teachers and parents.
  3. Recruiting and training entrepreneurial millennials who are willing to commit to startups within their community.
  4. Arranging mentorships and providing support for Civic Engagement Leaders spearheading their community’s efforts.
  5. Providing leadership training and team and interpersonal skill development for communities. I3’s workshops parallel the work the Indigo Education Company does in schools, using the Indigo Inventory to help people understand themselves and their colleagues.

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the advent of Civic engagement Leaders 

The core value exemplifying our Civic Engagement Leaders is their belief in win-win solutions. Society is entering an era in which scarcity is being replaced by abundance, and in which zero sum games are no longer appealing.  It’s not about personal gain or fame for these leaders.  They believe deeply in their communities, and they believe in people with a shared purpose working together to tackle problems.


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EdCorps are work horses with the energy, drive, and passion to do what it takes to insure their Collaborative Impact Group (CIG) thrives. They engage millennials with entrepreneurial mindsets to help communities achieve their goals in new and creative ways. EdCorps represent a new and critical role in educationally based collaborative impact work.

The greatest need we find in communities across the nation is the need for entrepreneurial leadership within schools, to promote, collaborate and drive the changes the community has set as its goal.

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redefining Success in our communities

Sixty percent of millennials believe the American Dream is no longer possible.  That’s because yesterday’s American Dream had a narrow definition of success.  Today, success must be defined by each individual according to their own aspirations and purpose.  That’s why we find that the communities we engage each have different visions of success and different ways to achieve success.  I3 shares the stories of our communities successes to help diversify the idea of success in the minds of youth across the nation.


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