Why Fund Us?

Why Fund Us?

We believe the significant challenges in communities can’t be solved by one organization alone.  The key is collaboration.  Even most collaborative impact organizations start with the problems first and the people second.  We flip this by identifying and empowering the group of people that can solve the problem together.

 We connect and equip the group in a way they often cannot do themselves.  We connect the enabled group to funders, programs, and open source solutions that help them achieve their goals.

We don’t stamp a predetermined solution onto someone else’s community.  We uncover the intrinsic elements that are already in a community that can come together to co-create their own organic solution.  

We foster collaborative impact. We are a base level tool that brings to bear a critical element in change – helping individuals and teams understand themselves and how to operate in the collective. This understanding is the key to effectively accessing the money, the project management and the appropriate analysis necessary to meet a community’s need.

We are a catalyst for group insight, enabling the collective to come together for true impact


we help you learn

Who you are. How you function in your team.  
Who your community is.

we Permeate your community with insight.  

we provide Project Management – Edcorps

The most engaged and qualified individuals in communities are always the busiest, with their own non-profits, companies, and political positions. 

Many communities can raise money for projects, infrastructure, and ongoing staffing. However, often they don’t have the means to recruit, train, and equip themselves with outside…

Centralized Training for Custom applications

Each summer….

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